Day 6

Things are going well. I am starting to enjoy eating health. The other night I made some pasta and it was amazing. I made it with brown rice noodles, turkey Italian sausage, and  super healthy tomato sauce. The sauce was different then I was used to but it tasted delish, and the brown rice pasta dint taste any different at all.

The only thing that I have been craving is a huge diet soda or a green apple Rockstar, but I have made it this far and I am not willing to let myself fail.

Right now I am about to make a shake for lunch. Yes a little late but that’s what happens when you have the day off and you wake up at 10 am. I think I am going to change up my shake a bit. I saw a recipe for an Almond Joy shake that I have been dying to have. It shake is made up of chocolate protein powder, almond milk, raw coconut flakes, and coconut extract. The raw coconut flakes took me forever to find. Most stores sale sweetened coconut flakes, but I finally found them at Relays. So I will let you know how that turns out.


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